The Valley Association of REALTORS® has many committees which help our association grow and move into the future. If you are a current VAR member (primary or secondary, in good standing), and are interested in any of the committees listed, please contact the VAR office at 203-734-1515 or send an email to
1. Budget/Finance-Meets in June or July, usually only 1 meeting per year. Sets the Budget for the upcoming year to be presented to the Board of Directors for approval.
2. Scholarship- Meets in April to individually review all applications for the VAR scholarship, Then one more time with the whole committee to chose the winners.
3. Office Operating- Sets office policies for approval by the Board of Directors, Conducts the Association Executives annual review and reccomends salary increases to the Board of directors. May meet several times per year depending on issues at hand.
4. Valley Academy of Real Estate/Education- Works with the office staff to come up with new classes to offer, helps find new instructors, helps with the classroom space.
5. Program Committee- Works together to set up member programs, social events. May meet many times to coordinate events.
6. By-Laws-With the Association Executive, this committee will meet to review and make suggested amendments to the By-Laws and submits for approval to the Board of Directors. Meets only when changes are suggested
7. New Member Orientation-Committee sets schedule and instructs 3 hour New Member Orientation classes as a group. Holds classes every 2 or 3 months, alternating days and nights. This class is required for all newly licensed members. Covers a viariety of topics
8. Ombudsman- Ombudsman are who speak to complainants and possible respondents BEFORE a complaint is officially filed. Their role is to try to resolve issues between parties if possible to avoid an official complaint, they conduct all work over the phone. There are no meetings-There is training required for a position on this committee, please inquire within if interested.
9. Grievance- Meets only when complaints are filed with the board to determine if there is enough evidence to refer the case to Professional Standards for a hearing. There is a criteria that must be met to be on this committee…please inquire within.
10. Professional Standards- This committee meets only if Grievance forwards a complaint. They will possibly be chosen for a hearing panel. Hearings could last a few hours to a whole day. There is a criteria that must be met to be on this committee. Please inquire within.
11. Nominating- This committee will meet in the early fall to set the slate of officers and directors and present the names to be sent to membership for a vote in November.
CTR and MLS Committees:
Risk Reduction
Political Engagement
CTR Directors
MLS Liason